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Its what you’ve always wanted in your pair of gardening crocks. Flimsy, squishy, and wobbly high heels to walk around in the grass with.

While I’ve somewhat understood why people liked the old fashioned crocks, easy on and off, play in the yard kind of durable slippers.

High heel crocks just seem like a load of crock to me.

This is an ankle disaster waiting to happen. The benefits of a durable slip on shoe is so you can run around in your yard. I can’t imagine this holding up to uneven ground. It’s soft edges would just let your ankle roll off, down to the ground, and probably strain your ligaments. Not to mention making it hard to bend over in to pick something up.

Imagine what your neighbors would think if they saw you weeding the garden in high heels. High heels are worn for the sole purpose of making a female have an attractive backside. So now you feel the need to look sexy while pulling weeds from the ground?

Not to mention, high heels have been found to cause massive health issues. Everything from unsightly bulging spider veins in your lower leg to hammer toes and bunions. Just some of the many side effects the foot industry has not been telling you about.

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