Raise your hand if you believe in going to the doctor to have your blood work done to see if you are headed down the path to a heart attack.

Of course! We go get our cholesterol checked to see what our chances are on having a heart attack down the road and it allows us to take action to lessen that chance.

This test has changed the lives of millions of individuals who had no idea they were on the destructive path. With some simple health modifications, it’s extended the lives of the people who matter the most to us, and bettered their quality of life.

The same can happen for preventing knee and hip surgeries!

It’s as simple as stepping down onto the ground barefoot, walking around a little, and noticing if you have any discomfort or pain. Maybe you even notice your walking on the outside of your foot, or your big toe seems stiff when you put pressure onto it.

This is your cholesterol check, and your way to test your body to see how well it’s doing.

There is no doubt, our feet are meant to help us walk and run. When something starts to go wrong with how they move, the knee and the hip are effected. But there is something interesting we know through science that is different about our feet versus the rest our body… Our feet can ignore pain!

When you have pain in your hand, you don’t use it as much. You wait for it to get better. Our feet don’t have that option. When things start to go wrong, our body ignores the pain, and instead just shifts the rest of the leg around to compensate. We put shoes on to help us ignore what ever little discomfort we may have.

End result…

Our knees and hips have to move in ways they were not meant to so we can keep moving forward!

Over time this leads to a bunch of wear and tear on the joints and is the number one reason why people end up needing knee and hip surgery!

This simple self test can add years of quality to your life, prevent surgeries, and keep you active for longer. It’s what we all really want when we think about our health. We don’t want to feel old and decrepit, we want to get out and see the world and do fun stuff!

If this future is something you want to have for yourself, it starts with action right now. You can take small little steps to improve your feet right now to make a massive impact down the road.

This is why I created the 10 Day Challenge of the Moms Feet Activated Method. An easy daily routine to make massive health improvements and get you living the life you want down the road.

If you are interested, you can find our more info by clicking here: 21 DAY

You’re only one step away,

Dr. Dave