You are being Lied To! Here is Good Morning America and ABC’s take on it

Think you can trust the shoe companies to provide the best for your feet?

Do you think the big shoe companies care at all about your actual health?

Or do they want to sell you something?


It’s human nature to fall prey to these marketing manipulations. These companies know it, in fact it’s really easy to get you to buy stuff. It’s why the shoe industry makes BILLIONS off of you.

Do shocks really work, does an arch support actually do anything, do you really need all that cushion?

After working with thousands of patients and getting real success with active moms just like yourself, I can tell you the answer is more simple than you think. You’ve been SOLD on needing products, when the reality is what you need is to make YOU better 🙂

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If this was shocking to you, please share and spread the word. Don’t let the shoe industry win!

Dr. Dave