If you’ve been to your doctor for foot pain, this probably seems like a familiar story…and its one I hear on an every day basis.

Person starts to get foot pain, they ignore it, it goes away. Pain comes back again, this time a little worse. So they make an appointment with their primary care doctor. They go in and are given the prescription of some mild pain killer and told to rest your feet for awhile. But after 2 weeks of following this direction, the pain is still there. You go back and they say you need orthotics, or send you to the podiatrist, who says the same thing…and gives you orthotics.

Lets look at the back end of this story though. Primary care doctor have ZERO training in how to help foot pain. Podiatrists are trained in two things only…orthotics and extreme medical interventions like injections and surgery. So guess what you get when you show up in their office??? I can tell you its not anything that will actually make your foot healthy. They are trained to give you pain releif no matter what the long term effect may be.

Pills and injections for any type of pain relief are only good for one thing…pain relief. They do not fix anything, they just tell your body to stop the perception of pain at that area.

The long story then becomes, your foot gets weaker, and tighter, and more problems start. The pain returns, and you need better orthotics and better shoes. You go to the docotor several more time and they keep telling you the same thing. It’s a never ending loop that keeps you in pain, and keeps you buying more. IT WASTES YOUR TIME, MONEY, AND ENERGY!

So what should you do instead?

As with all aspects of our health, we should try to fix things first, so they don’t get to the point where we actually need medical intervention. How about starting with what the body was designed to do in the first place? Move and grove to heal itself. There is no argument, the body is designed to move, or be eaten by the lion.

Our feet especially, with the highest concentration of joint, muscles and ligaments in the body, it’s designed to be a spring for us. When it stops being a spring, it starts to hurt.


Our starting point needs to be a simple routine to get back what we lost. Thankfully RESEARCH HAS PROVEN that an at home daily routine is more effective than any medical intervention, including physical therapy, chiropractic, and orthotics.

This is why I created a 21 day challenge. After years of working with patients I noticed a trend….that with any diagnosis the patient came into my office with, if they did a certain daily routine, they would get better!

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Make your foot whole again!

You’re only one step away,

Dr. Dave and the Moms Feet Crew